Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Insolvency and bankruptcy in India had become apparently the greatest test for the Indian economy in the most recent decade particularly since the bankruptcy law in India was out-of-date. Noting that reforms in the insolvency and bankruptcy are basic for improving the business condition and relieving troubled creditors. In November 201, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Bill was introduced by the Government of India, drafted by a specially constituted 'Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee' (BLRC) under the Ministry of Finance.

The code builds time-bound processes for insolvency resolution of companies and individuals. The process will be completed within 180 days. The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) will settle indebtedness purpose for organizations. The Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) will settle a bankruptcy purpose for people.

An Insolvency Lawyer is somebody who is authorized and approved to act comparable to a bankrupt individual, association or organization.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Consultancy

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Corporate Liquidation Process, 

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Individual & Partnership's Insolvency & Bankruptcy Process (After notification). 

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